CHYmall Network Plan (MLM)

Apart from trading you can decide to share to your friends and loved ones about this historic online mall. If you decide to do so, CHYMALL will reward you accordingly. But it is completely optional!

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  1. STORE PROFIT – This is trading

2. CHAIN STORE PROFITS – This is where the sharing profits starts


4. SERVICE PROFITS (bINARY bONUS) -12% of the weaker leg’s volume


18 thoughts on “CHYmall Network Plan (MLM)”

  1. How do i join

    1. Hello David kindly check your email or reach me through WHATSAP +255754958569 for more assistance. Thanks

      1. Pls i want join but who will be kind enough to regiter me n i pay back half of my earning every month.

    1. Hello, kindly check me Whatsap +255754958569

  2. How legit is the business

    1. Very legit. Check your email for supporting documents

      1. Good evening. I love chymall. There are a lot of but about it existence. Can the ceo or whoever is in position tell the us how legit it is? Why on earth will someone hard earning be taken with out pity.

        1. Hello kindly check your email for documents that will prove to you how legit the company is. Chat me also on whatsap +255754958569

  3. What is service center ID in chymall about and what benefits does it confer a member of chymall?

    1. Service Center number is a special number for you to become a contact address/agent for receiving goods/products. It helps to collect products for your team members and you can track ur products. Not everyone can have this, u need to have a reason to coz there is a cost involved to get one. Regards

  4. Chymall is the best

  5. I am currently registered level 5 started 6/26. I was told to expect drops every 10 to 12 days. I do auto trade. The person whose network am under does the P2P transfers to my bank acc on my behalf. Right now I only saw a total of N322,270.
    I had 2 refs 1level 4(rt leg) and levels 3 lt.leg(x3 altogether.
    I am still learning this trade but do you think this is right?
    Below are my observations.
    Chymal Deposits
    17.07.20 N30,400
    25.07.20 N32,500
    05.08.20 N32,470
    24.08.20 N32,300
    11.09.20 N35,000
    29.09.20 N70.300
    23.10.20 N89,300
    TOTAL: N322,270

    1. Hello friend, chat me on whatsapp +255754958569

  6. How do I join?

    1. For more guidance, kindly whatsapp me +255754958569

  7. When is trading beginning again? We’re lost

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