How does ChyMall work?

Chymall is an online shopping mall just like amazon, alibaba, eBay, Kikuu and other many. However, Chymall has more than just normal traditional e-commerce. In a traditional e-commerce platform, usually customers enjoy the products they purchase.

Apart from normal e-commerce services, chymall offer customers an opportunity to own a shop (s) and be able to make profits every after 10-12 days without looking for customers to buy their products in their shops. Isn’t this interesting??. This concept is called a “New Retail System”

What is a New Retail System?

This is a concept where the retailer (middleman) in physical buying and
selling is being replaced by customers who then become the new retailers.
This means that the commerce industry relies mainly on the internet
to facilitate and promote the production, circulation and sales of
goods and services through big data. This concept has the capacity to make
international trade more inclusive.

Customers now turned New retailers, are able to become shop owners and as such, maximize profits from the purchase and resale of high quality products in their NEW RETAIL shops and consistently make profits.

Examples of the Trade

After you have registered and become Chymall VIP member, you will be able to have an access to chymall member dashboard where you can trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), and the company will give you a 60% discount to purchase same product after you have purchased it at a retail price first.

After buying at the wholesale shop. the company gives you two options, either they sell for you or ship to you wherever you are.

Look at This!!

Miss Grace decides to buy a Phone from Chymall, which cost her $100 at the retail shop. After purchasing 1 phone at a retail price, the company then gives her a 60% discount to buy two pcs of the same phone, which now she will buy 1 phone at $40, meaning for two phones she will spend $80.

The company then gives you two options to either send/ship all three phones to you or sell the other two phones at a retail price that you bought at a wholesale price for you to make profit.

Suppose she opts to sell. The company will sell the two phones for you within 10-12 days at a retail price i.e. $100 each. For two phones, she will earn $200.

Meaning, she spent $100 (1st phone)+$80 (2 phones)= $180

After trade

She made $100+$100 = $200 for two phones

Net Profit: $200-$120 = $20 + 1 phone

This trading can take place 3 times a month, and you make a profit of $20×3=$60 without looking for customer continuously.

Trading Types

a) Normal trading – this requires you to personally spend five (5) minutes in your trading mobile app (you can download this on playstore – just type CHY every after 10-12 days to set the trade again. You can access your trading capital and profits every after 10-12 days

b) Autotrading – This is for busy people, you set this in two rounds:-i)5 round – means 50 days and ii)10 rounds – meaning 100 days. You can only access profits every after 10-12 days until your rounds end is when you can access yoyr trading capital.

Packages: You need to join the business with any of the plan below

  • VIP1 = (activation amount/shop) $25 + (no trading )
  • VIP2 = (activation amount/shop) $50 + (trading capital) $90 = $140
  • VIP3 = (activation amount/shop) $100 + (trading capital) $180 = $280
  • VIP4 = (activation amount/shop) $300 + (trading capital) $540 = $840
  • VIP5 = (activation amount/shop) $600 + (trading capital) $1080 = $1680

Please, in order for you to get exact figure of how much you will need to invest in total, calculate the dollar value in your own local currency to avoid comfusion. Also, know that this is a onetime payment to make re-occuring profits.

Note: registration money/shop is non-refundable but you will get a product equivalent to the value. Trading capital and profits you can withdraw it anytime. You can as well open many shops as you wish.


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    1. Hello Ola, sorry you wont be able to buy machine spare parts because in those shops they are customized goods. Other goods you can purchase them under traditional e-commerce.

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